Animal Control & Wildlife Services in Los Angeles, CA

Wildlife management is often thought of in terms of protecting and caring for wildlife and their habitat. However, many animals often require management to reduce conflicts with people and other animals. Increased wildlife numbers, urbanization, and population growth are the reason for many of these conflicts. Animal Capture Wildlife Control process in los angeles is always humane. We come to your location and start with an inspection. Whether it’s raccoons in your attic, skunks tearing up your garden, or raccoons and skunks under your house. We do it all! We service all cities from Los Angeles to Bakersfield. In a raccoon removal, we identify where the animals are entering the structure. We usually set up 3-5 humane traps to catch the animals. After the animals are trapped, we leave the traps for another 5-7 days with nothing in the traps. Then you know you have trapped all the animal causing the problems. If you leave the traps longer than that you could potentially trap random neighborhood animals that are not causing a problem.  There is NO charge for the time length of having the traps at your location in los Angeles. We service all city trapping.

Raccoon Removal Service : We specialize in raccoon removal los angeles! We are experts when it comes to raccoon problems. Most of our raccoon removal calls are for raccoons in the attic, raccoon mothers with babies, raccoons living under the home, raccoons ripping vents off the home, raccoons ripping up the garden and sod, and raccoon latrines on the roof. Most of these problems are solved by trapping and removing the raccoons. I solve these types of situations in all cities of Los Angeles. Raccoons are known to rip off a vent to the under floor of a home and live under the bathtub. When your home is built the contractor cuts a hole in the flooring for all the pipes to run up under the bathtub. Most of the time the contractor does NOT seal up around the pipes. The raccoons then slip under the bathtub around the pipes and nest in the hollow area around the bathtub. I have removed many raccoon families from under the bathtub. When raccoons get in the attic most times it’s from the “gable” area of the roof. That is where one roof overlaps another. Once again most of these areas are left open from when the home was built. If it’s not left completely open it’s not sealed properly and raccoons will rip into the attic in these areas.  In many homes people use screen thinking that will keep raccoons out in Los Angeles. Raccoons are very strong and intelligent. They can rip through screen in seconds. When animal removal los angeles is done with a job our goal is for your home to be sealed properly. Whether we can seal it or not, we always recommend it be done right.

Skunk Removal : We specialize in skunk removal in all cities! We are experts when it comes to skunk problems in Los Angeles. Most of the calls we get are for skunks living under homes, skunk burrows, skunks living in the garage, skunk mothers with babies, and skunks ripping vents off the home. I also get many calls from people that are having a major flea problem due to skunks living on the property. Skunks are known to carry a heavy amount of fleas. Skunks are like salmon. When a skunk is born under your home, she will come back to where she was born to have her babies. That’s why it is very important to remove skunks in Los Angles before you have generations of them breeding under your home. Skunks are also attracted by other skunks spraying. During mating season, skunks will spray to attract a mate. Most of these problems are solved by trapping and removing the skunks in Los Angeles I have situations in all cities of Los Angeles where skunks rip off a vent to the under floor of a home and live under the home. When the skunk is under the home they will dig burrows and live in them. Many times when I go under a home I find more than one burrow. I also find skunks will tear down the insulation that is tacked up underneath the home and use it for their nesting material. In many cases when I go under the home, I run into the skunk. I then give the homeowner the option to pull it out now or trap it. The problem with physically removing it, is the skunk will spray like crazy leaving the home smelling of skunk for weeks to months. The good thing is the problem is solved within minutes. I have no problem going under a home and physically skunk removal los angeles. I have been sprayed almost every day for over 20 years. The other option is trapping the skunk in Los Angeles. That is done by putting the trap by the entry point and when the skunk leaves the hole he goes in the trap. When the skunk sprays outside, the smell dissipates quickly.

Snake Removal : We specialize in removing all snakes from your property. Most of our snake calls in Los Angeles are emergencies due to people being deathly afraid of snakes. We specialize in all rattlesnake removal los angeles, including rattlesnake removal, and snake inspections of properties. Our snake inspections consist of looking for snake dens, what’s attracting snakes to your property, and snake prevention. We also install snake fencing. Rattlesnakes can strike in 1/25 of a second (quicker than the human eye blinks) and can reach up to half their body length. Let the professionals safely identify, capture, and remove all unwanted snakes.

People often encounter snakes because their property provides a good habitat for snakes to hide and hunt. Snakes are able to enter homes from under the floor and gain access into the home through pipes that come up through the floor. Most snakes will choose to run when encountered, but when startled, the snake goes into defense mode and will protect itself. Bites can be avoided by using common sense. Many snakes give a warning before a strike, but not always. For more information on rattlesnakes in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Benedict Canyon, Runyon Canyon, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Mulholland Drive, Agoura Hills, Canyon Country, Sherman Oaks, and Woodland Hills, give us a call at (310) 551-0901.


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